XGC Group are a group of Companies Registered in England and Wales.

XGC (NW) Ltd- 11477686

XGreen Clean & Clear Ltd - 11854987

(trading as North West Hire Co)

Bio Clean Team UK Ltd- 12494421

Commercial Cleaners Manchester l Commercial Cleaners Liverpool l Commercial Cleaners Leeds l Commercial Cleaners Lancashire l Commercial Cleaners North West l Commercial Cleaners Yorkshire l Commercial Cleaners Wales

Jet Washing Manchester l Jet Washing Liverpool l Jet Washing Leeds l Jet Washing Lancashire l Jet Washing North West l Jet Washing Yorkshire Jet Washing Wales

Flood Restoration Manchester l Flood Restoration Liverpool l Flood Restoration Leeds l Flood Restoration Lancashire l Flood Restoration North West l Flood Restoration Yorkshire l Flood Restoration Wales

Dryer Hire Manchester l Dryer Hire Liverpool l Dryer Hire Leeds l Dryer Hire Lancashire l Dryer Hire North West l Dryer Hire Yorkshire l Dryer Hire Wales

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